$178 CAD Legal Paternity Test
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At Home Test Kit

Legal DNA Paternity Test - Accredited and Admissible in Court.
Legal DNA Paternity Test - Admissible in Court
At Home Paternity Collection Kit
Accurate & Affordable Court Approved Legal DNA Test For Paternity

Court Admissible Legal Paternity Test $109 (1 father and 1 child)

When ordering a DNA paternity or other test you may want our specially designed and developed legal chain of custody form.This form enhances the legal validity of the test And our legal team has developed it for our clients.

This form can be ordered at the same time as the kit if you feel you want legal validity to the test you are performing. The test requires an independent third-party who is unrelated to the participants, to watch or even take the samples from the participants.This party can be anyone who is reliable and of good character, no special credentials or status are needed. That third-party is signing a form that states that they have confirmed the identity of the parties being sampled becausethey know them personally or have seen valid photo ID.

That party also takes possession of the collected samples puts them in a mailing envelope and personally deposits them in the mailbox or delivers them to a courier service.

This legal chain of custody answers two critical questions in the ccredibility of a DNA test, First we know that the samples came from the right participants and second they were not switched or tampered with after collection.

This form once completed is retained by you and attached to the results which we return to you on completion of the test it gives additional legal validity to the test, if you feel it is required.

As stated when you place your order the order form allows for ordering this form in addition to the test kit. Make as many copies of the form as you require, depending on the number of participants.

How it works

Step 1 - Order online

Step 1 - Order your kit.
Click ORDER NOW, place your order and you will receive the sample collection kit in a couple of days.
Please contact us at 1-877-842-4827 if you are having any troubles ordering.

Step 2 Taking the Test

Step 2 - Take the samples.
Collect the swab samples from the test participants.
Please Watch This Video.

Step 3 Send us the samples by mail

Step 3 - Send the samples to us by mail
Place each pair of swabs in different envelopes (parent / child), then place the two smaller envelopes inside the larger envelope and mail it to the address specified in the instructions.

Step 4 Analysis of your samples in our laboratory

Step 4 - DNA analysis of your saliva samples in our laboratory
Once we receive the samples, we will send you an email to confirm the reception of the samples and proceed to perform the DNA test in our laboratory . You can follow up online at any time using your unique access code to know the progress status of the DNA study.

Step 5 Get the results online

Step 5 - Receive your results.
Receive your certified results by email, usually about three days, after your samples arrive at the Lab.

How to take a proper DNA Sample (Video Tutorial)
Video - Tutorial
This video will help guide you through the cheek swab collection process and answer your common question.
Main points to consider:
  • 1) Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes before collecting samples.
  • 2) The swab tips should not come into contact with any surface other that the inside of the cheek at any point before, during or after collection
  • 3) Move the swab up and down while also rotating. It's very important to rotate the swab with your fingers.
  • 4) Allow the swab to dry before storing. At least one hour.
About Paternity Depot

We are the North American leader in DNA Testing with over 300,000 successful tests! Our lab is fully accredited* and every test is done by PhD level staff in our state-of-the-art facility. Our tests can be easily done for legal or informational purposes - Only at Paternity Depot are our tests run twice to confirm the result. Paternity Depot does every type of relationship test, and our home sample collection kit is easy to use and clinically precise. We will send two separate kits at no extra cost if the two people to be tested are located at different addresses. Once the test is completed you will be called or emailed immediately and the certificate mailed to you on request.

Order your complete clinically precise home DNA collection kit now!

Results are available 7-10 business days from receipt of samples and can be tracked using a tracking number on our secure results portal. Split kits can be sent if the father and child are in different locations.

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